The name of our game: we act rather than contribute – with many years of experience in the construction of new buildings and revitalizations.


Project setup

  • Structured setting up of projects at the start or after a crisis
  • Presentation of the pros and cons of various configurations / contract award strategies

Risk management

  • Proactive and anticipatory risk management with proven tools
  • Regular review / update

Value Engineering

  • Value Engineering already during the definition of the objectives with the customer
  • Regular structural engineering review for optimizing and / or achieving the objectives

Schedule control

  • Setting up an overall time schedule considering parallel processes and / or risks
  • Active deadline monitoring / control and recommendations for schedule effectiveness

Cost control

  • Anticipatory cost planning and control
  • Active handling of risks and proposal of controlling measures

Quality assurance

  • Proposal of realistic project-specific quality targets
  • Continuous verification of the compliance with quality specifications in design and execution

Contract award management

  • Proposal of top-performing designers, experts and contractors based on the contact database and long-standing contacts
  • Fair and transparent management

Contract management

  • Consistent structuring of contracts considering the overall setup and the interdependencies
  • Active management of the contracts with controlling tools


Procurement of the right to develop

  • Securing the permissibility of a development project for the basic evaluation, as a preliminary stage of a project, or a first step into a project, e.g., an architectural competition

Project audits

  • Critical project review with specific proposals of measures aimed at optimizing the setup or the processes

Project analysis

  • Analysis of projects to identify potential risks; presentation of the findings in a lean and coherent way

Feasibility studies

  • Feasibility studies as a basis of project assessments (revitalizations or new builds) considering potential uses, exploitation of the plot, and planning & design scenarios

Optimization consulting

  • Proposals for optimizing project setup, planning & design or structural engineering solutions in terms of economic efficiency and / or feasibility


  • Diligent monitoring with a view to achieving the project objectives
  • Clear and coherent reporting

Cost and profitability analyses

  • Concise or comprehensive cost and profitability analyses based on numerous projects already implemented
  • Basis of sensitivity analyses

Cost management

  • Active cost control rather than mere cost accounting
  • On-going risk controlling and extrapolation of the forecast statement of accounts
Our Tools

For a precise and quick workflow between all project participants, we rely on advanced digital planning & design and management tools.

Consistent Building Information Modelling for collaborative planning & design, preparation of the construction, implementation, and transfer to the building operation
Anticipatory cost and budget control with risk evaluation – always transparent and always available to the customer upon request
Use of web-based data and communication platforms – ensuring a consistent and up-to-date basis of information for the customer and the team
Our customers

Representing is based on trust. If you are an institutional or private investor, manage a family office or a real estate company, attend to real estate of the public sector or foundations, or finance construction projects – you have come to the right place.

Our reference projects will tell you more.